Educator Spotlight: Susan Malelega

Before using Reflex, Ms. Susan Malelega’s 4th grade students at her elementary school in Independence, Missouri, did not know their math facts. “We attempted to start long division but had to stop until we could get them fluent with their basic facts.”

Now her students use Reflex in their classroom every day. Free programs she used before did “not even come close to helping students like this program does.” Ms. Malelega says that Reflex “far exceeds my expectations.” She now sees “more students not looking at their multiplication charts. Even those not on their multiplication and division facts yet. They are building up their confidence as well. We are still very behind, but I feel like this program has made a huge difference.”

“Students can see their progress and how close they are getting to having their facts all learned. Seeing other students that finished work faster and more accurately at their harder math problems” motivates them. She likes to receive the notification emails from Reflex when a student reaches 100% fluency. “I make a big deal in front of the whole class. They are very proud.”

Ms. Malelega has seen a big difference in her math lessons. “Yes, I would recommend Reflex! I now have about half my class fluent with the four operations and it is so much nicer to continue on into 4th grade learning. When we are doing long division or multiplication they work so much quicker and even word problems don’t worry them. I am hoping to have them all almost on grade level with their facts by the end of the year, but hopefully sooner!”

She adds, “I have seen math programs come and go and have noticed a lack of practice grow more and more. As that has happened I have also noticed students ability with math problems especially multi-step problems weaken. With this program for the first time in many years I have seen huge gains and confidence in working out these problems by my students.”

Susan Malelega has taught for 24 years. Formally an accountant, she recognizes the importance of math in the work force. She teaches 4th grade at Korte Elementary School in Independence School District 30 in Missouri.