Educator Spotlight: Barb Forbes

Ms. Barb Forbes started using Reflex in October with her 2nd grade students at Glenwood Ridge Elementary School in Basher-Linwood Unified School District 458 in Kansas. “Reflex has been the best program I have used to teach fact fluency. The results have been amazing. This makes teaching three digit subtraction with regrouping so much easier for the children because they know their facts and don’t get bogged down with that step.”

Before using Reflex, she used a variety of other programs and free apps. But she finds that all her students using Reflex “are progressing faster with fluency this year compared to prior years.” Her students use Reflex on iPads and look forward to using the program. “My students are highly motivated by the game format. They enjoy being able to see the facts they are fluent in. They love it and I love it!”

Ms. Forbes likes using the Reflex reports. “My favorite reports are the fact fluency details and the growth chart. I send these home with our report cards. The parents loved getting the report about the facts they are still needing help with, and all the milestones. My principal loves to see the data. It has been very helpful during our PLC and BLT team meetings for strategic planning for some students.”

All 22 of her students have made progress. “My average students have made higher gains than is typical. Reflex has really helped my students learn three digit subtraction with regrouping across two digits.”

She has definitely seen great results on their assessments. “We test five times a year using STAR Math, and three times a year using AIMSweb. My second grade class is the only one using Reflex and my scores are higher than the other two classrooms. This program has helped my struggling children be successful on our timed math assessments.”

As teacher of the year for her district, Ms. Forbes has had “the opportunity to visit other districts in my region. I was able to see how Reflex was used in an elementary and middle school setting and hear the difference it has made in academic performance. It is the most motivating fluency practice program I have ever used.”

 Barb Forbes is a 2nd grade teacher at Glenwood Ridge Elementary School in Basehor-Linwood Unified School District 458 in Kansas. She has taught for 40 years, and has a background in Special Education. She was nominated by her district as Teacher of the Year, and was a STAR award winner in 2017.