Educator Spotlight: Ann Pierce

ann pierce special education teacherMs. Ann Pierce first started using Reflex last year with her 3rd grade students in Escambia County School District in Florida. Her students “made so many gains and truly enjoyed working on Reflex every day.” She really likes how “Reflex is individualized and moves students forward as they are ready.”

She was moved this year to a new position as a 2nd/3rd grade ESE Resource Teacher and teaches students with specific learning disabilities. “As soon as the students come in the room, they immediately get their Chromebook and do Reflex before we start working on class assignments. I have seen these struggling students make gains that otherwise may not have happened if they had not been on Reflex. They beg to get on Reflex and get so excited when they earn tokens and progress enough to unlock a new game.”

Ms. Pierce has been impressed with the results. “I see my students more eager to do math and more at ease doing it. My students struggle, so every little extra thing I can offer them to help them become successful goes a long way. One of my second graders became 100% fluent with his addition and subtraction facts in just a few months, and I have moved him to multiplication and division. That is just amazing.”

“I use the reports to see their progress, watch areas in which they are still struggling. I give weekly reports to their classroom teachers to let them know their current fluency rate. The reports help me see who needs more time on Reflex.”

ann pierce using reflexMs. Pierce finds the certificates very motivating. “I print out their certificates and put them on a bulletin board. As they earn a new certificate, I take the previous one and put it in a binder that they will take home at the end of the year. When they see that they have a certificate hanging up, they can’t wait to earn a new one and try to get more certificates than everyone else. They kind of make it a competition among themselves.”

She adds, “the success my students are having in Reflex is boosting their self-confidence and motivating them to work harder on their facts. My struggling math students are now struggling less and I am noticing improvement in their grades. Reflex has shown my students that they can be successful and that they can do math. I would highly recommend Reflex to other educators. It is amazing and it works.”

ann pierce ese resource teacherAnn Pierce teaches 2nd/3rd grade ESE resource students at Myrtle Grove Elementary in Escambia County School District in Florida. She has worked in education for 27 years and has a BA in elementary education.