Students are now solving problems “with a higher level of confidence”

“I see Reflex as a way to help students find success and gain confidence in their math skills. In my classroom we have been working with fractions (adding, subtract, multiplying and dividing). These skills rely heavily on the ability to fluently multiply (to create a common denominator, to simplify, and to simply solve). My students who had previously been deterred because the thought of just coming up with a list of multiples was too mentally draining, are now solving with a higher level of confidence!

A majority of my students made outstanding growth on the ANET test, going from scoring below the network, to now outperforming the network. While the network average for the first ANET was 37%, many of my struggling students scored below that mark. On the most recent benchmark, the average was 33% for the network of schools and my scholars were scoring in the 40-50% range.”

–5th Grade Math and Science Teacher, Elementary School, School District of Philadelphia, PA