“Reflex lets my students focus on the steps in a math process”

“Reflex lets my students focus on the steps in a math process. Before many students would lose track of where they were in the process in order to figure out a math fact. Now they show better work, complete work quicker, and feel more confident in the work they have done. They can also analyze their mistakes so much easier now.

One of my students was always getting frustrated with learning new math concepts. We just did a Benchmark test where they were tested on over 4 topics. The one test is 70% of their grade for the quarter. Last quarter, the student only had a 47% on his test. This Benchmark, he was able to achieve an 82% and that was testing¬†converting fractions to decimals and vice versa, simplifying fractions, and converting improper fractions to mixed numbers. He was so nervous that he wouldn’t know what to do, but he had the biggest smile on his face when he saw his score. He was even excited to figure out the difference in improvement from his previous test.”

–4th Grade Teacher, Elementary School, Bellevue Public School District 1, NE