“Did you know this is my favorite part of school?”

“We are really noticing a huge jump in most of our students’ basic facts scores. Automaticity of the basic facts frees up space in their brain to concentrate on the other areas of math. Our second grade midyear benchmark results looked AMAZING too!  Seventy percent of our second graders who were tested using the AIMsweb computation assessment for mid year scored in the proficient range! This is compared to only 54% percent being proficient at the beginning of the year before we started Reflex.

I had a student come up to me after Reflex time recently. We had the following conversation: W: ‘I got my Green Light.’ Me: ‘I saw that! That means you are working hard and making progress.’ W: ‘Yeah, I am just feeling a lot more confident.’ Me: ‘Well, that’s great. Each time you practice, you will feel more and more confident! W: ‘Did you know this is my favorite part of school?'”

–Title I Teacher, Elementary School, North Mac Community School District, IL