“Thank you for making Reflex because it makes me smarter”

Fifth grade students at an Intermediate School in Wilmington School District in Illinois wrote to us to tell us how much they like Reflex, and took time to illustrate their envelopes with characters from the games.

Here are some of their comments about Reflex:

“In Reflex, I have been learning and improving a lot in my math grade just because of you.”
“I was wondering if you can make more games on Reflex because I want to learn, learn and learn!”
“I think Reflex is an awesome game. I even go on at home and it is just an awesome game.”
“Our entire class loves Reflex. Wouldn’t change a thing.”
“Thanks you guys for making learning so fun especially for me cause sometimes I don’t understand something then the game explains it.”
“Thank you for making Reflex. It is awesome. Thank you for making Reflex because it makes me smarter.”
“I love the games you have. My favorite is Quick Slither. Oh, and I love math.”