Educator Spotlight: Nancy Hill

Nancy Hill math classroomNancy Hill, an academic coach for Hampshire County School District in West Virginia, first learned about Reflex when a teacher in her district shared her great results with the program. Soon after, Ms. Hill “was thrilled” when her district purchased the program. “Reflex has had a major impact on the progress our students are able to make in math. Teachers can teach strategies and/or algorithms and kids can focus on the thinking. They do not have to focus on fluency.”

Ms. Hill explains, “Every year, as a 5th grade teacher, I started the year way behind in our state standards. 5th graders in West Virginia begin the year working on 2-digit multiplication and 2-digit division. I always had had to start the year with memorization of basic facts. It greatly hindered the academic growth of my students. The year after I left the classroom to become a Math Coach, I entered a 5th grade classroom during the 2nd week of school. The students had used Reflex the prior year. The 5th grade teacher was teaching 2-digit multiplication with ease.”

In her role as a math and academic coach, “I have worked closely with three elementary schools using Reflex. Students work on Reflex at school and at home. Reflex is also a component of after-school tutoring programs when they are offered. Math scores at the three schools I serve have increased after Reflex was implemented. Students have a greater ease with fluency in all grade levels. Students are able to think about problem solving instead of straining to remember basic facts. Fraction instruction has been much more effective because students know multiplication/division facts fluently.”

This year, Ms. Hill and a 4th grade teacher encouraged Reflex usage with “‘The Great Green Turkey Challenge,’ a Green Light usage competition among the classes. Students worked for the six weeks before Thanksgiving. When we looked at results, it was a 3-way tie, with over 93% of students getting 3-5 Green Lights per week. Classes were rewarded with a STEM challenge. We are continuing the challenges throughout the year.”

Ms. Hill adds, “The evidence is clear in our state testing results. Teachers also note that they see a huge difference in their instruction, student grades, and formative assessment results. As for recommending Reflex to other teachers and schools, I do it every chance I get. I am truly grateful that our county had the foresight to purchase Reflex for all of our students. Hands down, Reflex is by far the most efficient and effective program I’ve seen in 35 years in education. Teachers love it! Students love it! We all love the results.”

Nancy Hill has been working in education for 35 years. She is an academic coach in an elementary school in Hampshire County School District in West Virginia.