District-wide challenge encourages student success with Reflex

encouraging student success with fluency challengeMs. Vamadria Johnson, the K-5 Math Curriculum Specialist for Alachua County School District in Florida, wanted to increase effective Reflex usage across her district’s elementary schools. She decided to create a Reflex challenge to “relaunch” Reflex and encouraging Green Light usage and math fact fluency among all 24 schools and students in grades 2-5 in Alachua.

First, Ms. Johnson divided all the elementary schools up into 3 groups for the competition and announced that prizes would be given to the school groups with the highest fluency gains in September. In October, she gave the group with the highest average student gain a prize, and in November/December for the highest Green Light usage. To encourage schools to participate, she sent out weekly updates on which schools were in the lead, and brought posters and graphs of the results to administrator meetings.

math fact fluency FL challengeMs. Johnson also gave out awards to students who had the highest Reflex usage in September, highest Green Light usage in October, and highest fluency gain in November/December.

She’s happy that she’s fulfilling her goal to “encourage students to know their facts and increase their fluency because that will help them in the classroom to learn harder concepts.”

Ms. Johnson is planning another competition in the spring, since her fall challenge worked so well. She has sponsors on board who will help her come up with prizes to give to students when they reach 100% fluency, and Green Light usage is now up among students in her district.