Crabby board celebrates math fact fluency!

Teachers at an elementary school in Grass Valley School District in California use Reflex as a station during their math classes and also occasionally for homework to help students learn their math facts, “incorporating Reflex fully into their math program.”

To promote and celebrate student success, Ms. Mary Lehmberg, the Instructional Guide at the school, has created a Reflex board in the hallway. When each student becomes 100% fluent in addition and subtraction or multiplication and division operation in Reflex, the crab for their grade level moves up the board. The Ms. Lehmberg and the principal at their school also delivers fluency certificates and hot chocolate coupons every Monday to students who are 100% fluent.
She adds, “we believe fluency practice and success are so important, as well as concepts, vocabulary, grapples, and perseverance with word problems!”