Celebrating success in Reflex with a rainbow of colors

Jennifer Montgomery, a second grade teacher at an elementary school in Richardson Independent School District in Texas, marks student progress in Reflex using a Rainbow Chart based on Karate belt levels. Each color from top to bottom is 10% more up to 100%.

Every Monday morning, she checks her students’ fluency levels in Reflex. “The students each have a magnet with their number on it that moves up the levels each time they jump into a new % level (past 10, 20, 30, etc.).” She also hands out reward tickets and certificates (60% and up), and has a mini-celebration.

“I occasionally contact parents and let them know their child’s fluency level and how much of a gain that is from the start, and the feedback is really positive. I encourage students to do Reflex on breaks and over the weekends and reward those who do.” And their time on Reflex is really making a difference. Students are not only moving rapidly up her rainbow chart, they’re also improving on their math fact fluency tests.

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