Students are more successful with difficult concepts since they know their facts

“My students look forward to the days they get to do Reflex. We do timed multiplication tests every couple of weeks and we graph our scores. My students have started to see the number of problems they can solve in the time allotted keep growing and growing. My students have made a lot of progress within Reflex. I was giving a timed math test last week and one student got many more problems solved. He said to me, ‘I knew these problems because I’ve been working on them in Reflex!’ In 5th grade we are moving onto more difficult concepts and if they know their basic facts then they can become more successful as we keep moving forward in math. They are able to solve for volume quicker, and do multi-digit multiplication and division better from knowing their basic facts.”

–5th Grade Teacher, Elementary School, Mesa County Valley School District 51, CO