“Reflex is fun. Reflex is cool.”

image23rd grade students in Central School District in California are enjoying using Reflex so much, they wrote us letters to tell us what they liked best!

Here’s what a few of the students wrote:

“I like Reflex because you get to play games and do work and play games.”
“Reflex is fun. Reflex is cool.”
“It like Reflex because it has games. It always keeps me busy, too. I also like it because you can play it at your house.”
“What I like about Reflex is that they do fun games to help you learn better for math.”
“Things I like the most about Reflex is: 1) that it helps you learn in a fun way. 2) it makes kids learn.

image11We’re so glad to hear they’re enjoying the games–and learning their math facts with Reflex!