“Reflex helps my students be more successful in math”

“It is AMAZING. By far, Reflex outshines anything I’ve ever tried in terms of helping student learn math facts. They want to get better at playing the games so they are practicing and learning their math facts faster than I’ve ever seen. The kids love it. They use it at home and at school. They are doing great and I can see a huge change during our daily math class because students are more comfortable with their math facts. One girl came in very shy and not confident in her math abilities. She has taken to Reflex and uses it at home as well as in class. Finding success in Reflex has helped her open up in class and be more confident as she participates in class. She was one of the first students to gain 100% mastery of addition and subtract and be switched over to multiplication and division. Reflex helps my students be more successful in math because they are gaining speed and accuracy with math facts which is allowing them to solving math problems in class with more efficiency and not get caught up and slowed down by the fact that they do not know math facts as we move on to deeper concepts in 4th grade math.”

–4th Grade Teacher, Elementary School, Clark County School District, NV