“This is the best math homework ever!”

screen-shot-2016-11-18-at-9-32-32-amA 3rd grade teacher at an elementary school in the Portland School District, Oregon, recently received a Reflex Educator Grant and introduced her students to the program. Interested to hear more about what they liked about Reflex, she collected their comments and wrote them up:

“This is the only math game I really like to play!”
“It makes you say ‘Nooo!’ when you have to stop playing
“This is the best math homework ever!”
“I’m going to play every single day for the rest of my life!”
“Super awesome”

Also, a parent emailed her to share a story about Reflex and her son: “I am so happy that you received the grant for Reflex. When I picked up — yesterday, my son said, ‘Mommy, we got this new awesome math program – give me a high-five!’ Then, after we arrived home for the day, he ran to the computer logged in and said, ‘This is so much fun, I hope I can keep doing it for 5,000 years.’ This makes my heart sing, because he’s not been thrilled about math at all.”