What do you love to do in class? Reflex!

20160603_092217A Resource Room Teacher in Beaverton School District in Oregon asked her students “to write on the whiteboard anything they loved about the Resource Room this year,” and many of them wrote “Reflex!”

Her students love to use Reflex. “As an elementary school special educator, I’ve never had the time needed to make sure that all of my students know their math facts. With Reflex, my students want to learn them, and I am sending all my 5th graders off to middle school with fact mastery.”

20160603_092236She had several specific stories to share. “One student, a first grader with Tourette’s Syndrome and ADHD, had trouble managing behaviors in his general education classroom, but he didn’t like ‘taking a break.’ He was able to settle himself down by coming to my classroom and getting onto Reflex. He looked forward to it, and he made such quick progress (in two months he increased from 40% fluency to 84% fluency on addition and subtraction facts). This was a great boost for his self-esteem and he was able to successfully take more much-needed breaks. Win-Win!”

One of her 4th grade started the year really doubting himself. “He would cry because he wasn’t able to solve20160603_092236 the ‘mad minute’ tests and others could. Once he discovered Reflex, he began to play at home on his own, before and after school. He is now 95% fluent and he’ll be the first in the school to reach 100%. His confidence is through the roof!”

“Many of my students have difficulty with both short and long term memory. Reflex is so engaging that they are willing and eager to spend time learning math facts. This program will help them as they move forward into higher level math, like fractions and ratios, algebra and beyond.”

Reflex “is the best fact fluency program I have ever seen.”