After using Reflex, “test scores in all subjects improve”

“I have tried flashcards and other tools without success. My students absolutely love Reflex! I have noticed that math is making a little more sense to some of them now. If they make a mistake, they are usually quick to realize that their answer is wrong and correct themselves. The students are quick to congratulate each other for even the smallest successes. I have a student who, though capable, just wasn’t working up to ability. He just didn’t seem to care. Since including Reflex as part of my math curriculum, I have noticed his test scores in all¬†subjects improve. Nothing else about him has changed — just the addition of Reflex. I believe a lot of a student’s ability has to do with confidence. If he or she is successful in something like Reflex, it can change his or her entire outlook on the rest of the subjects. I’ve seen that with many students: volunteering more, improved grades, improved effort, the list goes on. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to use Reflex in my classroom.”

–5th Grade Teacher, Elementary School, Omaha Public School District, NE