Educator Spotlight: Dave Daniel

Mr. Dave Daniel, a 4th grade teacher in the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District in Alaska, discovered Reflex when he and his teaching partner started “comparing our data from the MCAP and MCOMP assessments. His students were suddenly outperforming mine substantially. As we discussed the possible reasons for this, it became apparent that the only explanation was the fact that he had received a grant in the middle of the year for Reflex and had been using it faithfully. I immediately applied for a grant as well, and we quickly closed the gap once my students began using Reflex.”

Mr. Daniel’s class used Reflex “at least 3 days a week as a whole class and then as a station in our rotations.” He also encouraged home usage. His students enjoy Reflex and the “fun factor.” Students quickly discovered that “the better they did, the more games they could play. However, as they became more fluent it was more of a self-fulfilling cycle. More success leads to more success in the program and in their school work.”

He is a big fan of Reflex. “For students learning their math facts, Reflex is, without a doubt, the very best program I have EVER encountered in my 30 years of teaching. I think one of the main reasons for this is the fact that students must learn fact families and not simply multiplication or addition facts. They must not only be accurate to show mastery, but proficient as well. Reflex is easy to understand, can produce a wealth of data to help in instruction, and the kids love it.”

“Our amazing growth on standardized assessments such as the MCOMP and Ed-Performance assessments would be the most valid examples of success. All but four of my students met or exceeded their goals in Ed-Performance and the data for the MCOMP is much the same. I can attribute a great deal of this to the fact the students were able to focus on more complex, higher-level problems and answer more of them because their working memory was freed of the need to calculate a product or quotient. Their answers became automatic.”

Mr. Daniel adds, “I have used a number of programs over the years. There is no better program available on the market.  Period.”

Dave Daniel used gamified learning to teach math facts

Dave Daniel has taught for 30 years and teaches 4th grade at Mountain View Elementary in the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District in Alaska. He has a B.A. in psychology and a certificate in elementary education from the University of Washington.