“Reflex is the most effective and engaging program I’ve seen”

reflexpic1Erica Warren, a Special Education Teacher in an elementary school in Portland Public Schools, Oregon, used Reflex this year with her students. “Working with special education students can be challenging, and getting them to work on things that are difficult for them is even more challenging.” But Reflex has been different. “My students have gone from being resistant to working on any math concepts to feeling confident and willing to work on more challenging math concepts.”

She shared a photo that she took of the bulletin board in her classroom where she posts her students’ progress. “My students get excited each Friday when they receive their milestone certificates and get to post them up on the wall under their name.”

The data in the program has been a great resource for her. “Each time I meet with parents, I share the Fact Family Pyramid with them, which provides a great visual representation of the facts students have mastered and the facts they are continuing to work on. I regularly conference with students as well, showing them their growth with the Fluency Growth Report.”

She adds, “This is my 17th year of teaching special education students, and Reflex is the most effective and engaging program I’ve seen.”