“Reflex allows each child to be engaged and work at their own level”

“I can’t even describe the progress my kids have made with their math facts! Reflex meets the individual needs of each and every one of my students. They are able to focus on their success rather than compare themselves to everyone else in class. Reflex allows each child to be engaged and work at their own level, which is wonderful for the children to build their confidence and love of practicing. It’s an amazing program! They are more fluent and confident in their skills, which has encouraged them to be more confident in their math all around. Daily we do a timed math practice that less than half could complete at the beginning of the year, and now my students are all beating the time limit by minutes. Math facts, and having an understanding of numbers, are essential to all math that my students will encounter in the future. If I can provide them with a basic (if not in-depth) knowledge of their facts, they are more likely to be successful in their future!”

–2nd Grade Teacher, Elementary School, Mt. Vernon Community School District, IN