Reflex has helped student “do better in math than they ever thought they could”

“Reflex has done wonders to build the confidence of my students. This confidence has motivated them to do better in math than they ever thought they could. I had 4 students on Tier 2 AimsWeb math computation in the fall, and now I only have 1 student on Tier 2. Reflex enables students to master their math facts which allows students to focus more on the other math skills.  Our timed fact tests in class are showing great improvements. One student in particular was failing every timed fact test she was given up until about 4 weeks ago. The last timed test she made an 85%. She, her parents, and I were all elated. Knowing your basic facts; addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division are essential to being successful in other areas of math.”

–Title I Teacher, Elementary School, Brooks County School District, GA