Educator Spotlight: Tracy Moore

Screen Shot 2015-12-10 at 3.17.55 PMAfter finding information on Facebook, Tracy Moore tried out Reflex with her 4th Grade students in Colbert County School District in Alabama.

In the past, she had used flash cards and timed tests, but she found that these methods often ended up making her students feel discouraged. “The students love Reflex. Reflex encourages them to work hard and they enjoy the games and strategies used to keep their attention. They come in daily waiting to see if they get to start the day with math mact practice. They enjoy shopping for their avatar and the games!”

Her goal is for students to use Reflex 30 minutes a day three days a week. “Students who reach that goal are given a pass to play board games on Friday or a homework pass. This keeps the students excited and eager to use Reflex!” She uses Reflex as an intervention for her 13 students in Special Education, and uses it with the 1:1 Chromebooks she received through a grant. “Students use it as Tier 3 and work on it daily from 7:45-8:15 am. We use Reflex in the classroom and students get rewards for using it at home. We do whole group Reflex on Friday from 7:45-8:15 and as a reward for completed work.”

Ms. Moore says, “I was impressed by the ease of implementation in the classroom. The Introduction to Reflex webinar was great and helped me be ready to create my class and get the students started. The reports were easy to understand and there wasn’t any useless fluff to deal with!” She uses the reports regularly “for documentation for IEP’s and for students in RTI. My favorite reports are the Individual Reports that I can send home with my students and communicate to their parents their progress or where they need help.”

Parents, Special Education teachers, and ELL teachers have all noticed the progress her students are making. “Students are not only able to recall the facts but they are also able to apply them to use in other areas of mathematics. I am amazed at the success and progress that my 4th graders have made. The results have been remarkable! My students with goals of learning multiplication facts have met and exceeded those goals before Christmas. My students in Special Education are doing long division independently due to their success on Reflex. They are happy to call out answers during class and participate during math lessons!”

One student started the year only knowing “1’s and 10’s. He is now 100% fluent in facts 1-12. I am blown away! He is also applying his facts to long division and is making A’s on long division tests!”

She adds, “Thank you for creating such a successful program!”

FB_IMG_1430515425797Tracy Moore received her degree from the University of North Alabama. She has been a 4th Grade Teacher at an elementary school in Colbert County School District in Alabama for 12 years.