“Other programs have gotten old quickly”–but not Reflex!

“This is a wonderful program! I have some students who even use Reflex at home to continue with their progress. They are also very eager to know how they are doing and to challenge themselves. They will often ask for extra Reflex time as a class reward. I love that it goes at their pace and matches the facts that they know and then challenges them with what they need to work on. I also really love how engaging it is for kids. This one has kept their attention the entire time. Other programs have gotten old quickly, possibly because they are not tailored to their individual progress like this one is. They are making steady gains in their fact fluency. I enjoy seeing the breakdown of which facts students are getting and not getting, so that I can build some of that in to my review. I also like seeing how many facts students are picking up on a weekly basis.”

–4th Grade Teacher, Elementary School, Lincoln Public School District 1, NE