Students now have confidence that “they can make growth and be successful”

“Students really love Reflex. It has built confidence in many of my students. Reflex has helped me identify if students with IEPs are making growth. Two students I have with IEPs were really struggling in math. Using Reflex, I was able to build their confidence by showing them within just a few weeks how much growth they made when they were focused and working hard. These students had time to understand “simple” facts like 0 x 2 at their own pace. Now these students can explain what 0 x 2 means, and have the confidence that with hard work in math, they can make growth and be successful.  One student with an IEP made growth I wasn’t sure she could make. It changed my conceptions about what she was capable of.”

–5th Grade Teacher, Elementary School, Denver Public School District 1, CO