Reflex allows “students to focus on higher level math tasks”

“Reflex was more than I expected. I have been amazed at how well my students were able to transfer their fact fluency to a variety of topics. I was able to teach more topics since we were not being held back by having to work with basic fact knowledge. I feel that Reflex will allow students to focus on higher level math tasks instead of having to focus on solving basic facts. It allows the children to dig deeper into math topics and have meaningful conversations about math. One of my 2nd grade students did not like math. He would cry because he was so frustrated when doing another fact fluency program…so much that his parents and I discussed other ways for him to work on facts…until Reflex. We started the program in February. As of June, he was 100% fluent in addition and subtraction, AND he is also 61% fluent in multiplication and division!”

–2nd Grade Teacher, Elementary School, Greenfield School District, WI