Students who know their basic facts can understand “bigger concepts”

“We love Reflex! I believe that if they are fluent in the basic facts, more of their comprehension can go to understanding the bigger concepts we are learning. For example, right now we are learning two digit by two digit multiplication. The students who know their basic facts are doing much better understanding this process than the students who have to stop and figure out a fact before doing every step. The students are beginning to recognize this as well and are really now wanting to memorize their facts so math will go faster for them. I do weekly timed tests and even the students are commenting on seeing improvement on the tests. I was so disappointed and frustrated because we worked really hard on it using flashcards, games, “mighty multipliers” etc. This year, most of the kids are already at 50 percent mastery, and some are close to 100 percent and eager to keep learning. They are motivated by Reflex and love to show me their fact family pyramids and trees.”

–4th Grade Teacher, Cordova School District, AK