“Everything in Reflex is so easy to use”

“So many of my children are motivated to reach the next level in the program. It track progress by number of facts which reflects effort, rather than by fluency which reflects on ability. I have definitely noticed an improvement in their calculation abilities during problem solving. Love it! Just love the teacher reports and everything in Reflex¬†is so easy to use. I have a student who is high risk, on an IEP, and previously had not experienced a great deal of academic success. He is highly motivated to reach 100% fluency in the addition and subtraction program. He is almost there. We will certainly celebrate when he reaches his goal. Reflex builds confidence and it frees a student’s brain to focus on the higher level thinking aspects of a program instead of becoming bogged down with mechanical aspects.”

–Grade5/6 Teacher, Elementary School, Grand Erie District Public Board, ON