Prepare for End-of-Year Testing with Gizmos

GizmostestLooking for ways to help students prepare for upcoming state tests and end-of-course exams? Try creating a personalized review with Gizmos. Research suggests that a computer-based individualized study schedule can help students retain significantly more material to prepare for a test given at the end of a semester and a month later.



When preparing students for end-of-year testing, remember the Three R’s:

·        Review concepts from early in the school that students may have forgotten

·        Reinforce most tested items on state and end-of-course exams

·        Re-teach concepts that students struggled with most during the school year

Whether they are at home, at school, or traveling during spring break, students can access Gizmos on their computers and iPads anywhere they have Internet. By the time the test comes around, students can be confident and ready to ace those exams.

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