The Gizmos iPad app is here!

Now you can access over 400 Gizmos on your iPad with our new app!

Once you’ve downloaded the app you can use it in two ways:

  1. To get the full Gizmos experience, including assessments, correlations, class management features and Lesson Materials, you’ll want to use it via our website. Simply navigate to the Gizmo of your choice on and hit the ‘Launch Gizmo on iPad’ button.
  2. Or you can also use the app directly. Open the app, login using your Gizmos username and password and select your desired Gizmo from an alphabetical list.

Please note: the second method does not provide easy access to all the related features and content on the website such as assessments, Lesson Materials, class management features, etc.

Enjoy exploring our large library of simulations from the convenience of your iPad!