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August 29, 2013

Teacher praise for Gizmos training model

“I was so pleased how the trainings went yesterday.  Both of your trainers were tremendous.  Teachers came away with great ideas on what Gizmos can do for instruction using whole class as well as small group.  The teachers truly appreciated [the presenter’s] knowledge, expertise and delivery.  She was truly engaging and informative. I look forward to having additional trainings.

-- STEM Teacher, Volusia County Schools, FL

“Yesterday's Gizmos workshop was truly outstanding. Rarely do I return to school the next day and try to implement immediately, but today I did. As often as I saw Gizmos over the years, it wasn't until yesterday that I left with enough confidence to try and set it up in my classes.  Gizmos allow us to introduce something new and interactive to our students. Thank you for providing such a great in-service.”

-- Mathematics Teacher, Palm Beach Schools, FL

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August 26, 2013

Gizmos Enable Exploration

"I feel that Gizmos help my science students learn in a fun way that they enjoy.  Gizmos reinforce their learning and allow them to explore certain science experiments in ways that we cannot in the general classroom.  I believe that it is a great tool for science teachers."

-- 5th Grade Teacher, Lewisville School District, TX

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August 19, 2013

Encourage discussions in science with Gizmos

“Gizmos for science have allowed my students to not only conduct investigations that would be challenging to conduct in the classroom, but they allow my students to extend their ideas in many ways that other activities or labs do not really offer.  It generates science discussions, and provides opportunities for new ideas.”

-- Elementary School Teacher, Lewisville ISD, TX

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August 16, 2013

Trenton Teachers Use Gizmos during Summer Program

A Trenton, NJ Middle School piloted Gizmos this summer in math and science classes during their extended school year. After the pilot, teachers were asked to evaluate Gizmos for continued use in the classroom. The data overwhelmingly supported going forward with Gizmos!  When asked if they would recommend Gizmos to other teachers in their district, 100% said, "YES". Here are some other great things the teachers had to say,  

“Students loved being able to work hands on.”

“Gizmos allowed me to teach certain subjects in a hands-on way, which helped me to differentiate instruction.”

“Gizmos is a great learning tool for students.”

 “When students used the Gizmos they had a better understanding the topic.”

"Students were more engaged and eager to learn, resulting in a better academic performance."

“Thank you for helping me to learn different ways of teaching and assessing my students.” 

We're pleased Trenton teachers and students had such a great summer experience with Gizmos.


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August 08, 2013

Student engagement improves with Gizmos

“Gizmos have become an integral part of my teaching repertoire allowing me to further differentiate my instruction with the intended goal being increased student achievement in science. Many of my students, especially those who we might consider 'at-risk' have  benefited from this educational technology by showing higher levels of student engagement and better learning of science concepts, which otherwise would probably not happen had I used 'traditional' instructional strategies.”

-- High School Teacher, Peel DSB, Ontario

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August 07, 2013

Students Learn about Potential Energy with Gizmos

We always appreciate it when we see talented teachers using innovative and effective teaching practices. 399DET
Watch how this Boston teacher models using the Potential Energy on Shelves Gizmo to teach students how mass and height affect potential energy.

At the beginning of the lesson, the teacher engages students with an activating strategy supported by a short reading passage from the Gizmo's Lesson Materials. Then students break out into collaborative groups to complete the inquiry-based lesson. Guided by the Gizmo's Student Exploration Sheet, students are engaged, learning through real-world scenarios. The teacher shares,

"Something as abstract as potential energy all of the sudden becomes very real when the students are able to play around with virtual objects and see how the PE of the objects changes for the object."

See how Gizmos can engage your students, take a free trial today!

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August 05, 2013

ExploreLearning Gizmos wins Readers' Choice Award


We're honored to announce that ExploreLearning Gizmos was chosen for an eSchool News Readers' Choice Award. eSchool News Readers chose Gizmos as a top education technology product they used to improve teaching and learning in their school. A nominating teacher in Florida said,

 “Gizmos allow my students to have virtual ‘hands-on’ interaction with difficult science concepts. Each student can manipulate the variables, record the results, and arrive at their own conclusions."

Take a free trial of Gizmos today to try our award-winning interactive simulations!

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August 01, 2013

Professor Uses Gizmos to Teach Best Practices

Wendy Schroeder, a College of Education professor at California State University at Northridge uses Gizmos to demonstrate how to build conceptual understanding in math and science. She feels it’s an excellent way to model technology integration for tomorrow’s teachers.

“I feel exposure to Gizmos has had a definite impact on my pre-service teachers, and many of them have gone on to use Gizmos in their own classrooms.”

In addition, Wendy sees the value of Gizmos to prepare students for Common Core testing. After participating in a SBAC pilot test, Wendy shared,

“I think that the technology aspect of Gizmos is even more relevant to math K-12 instruction than ever. As pre-service teachers become more aware of the various components of the new Common Core standards they often draw comparison to what they saw in Gizmos”

Explore how Gizmos can prepare your students for technology-enabled assessments, take a free trial today!

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