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August 15, 2011

New Titration Gizmo

Just in time for the new school year, we are pleased to announce a new chemistry Gizmo called Titration. In this Gizmo, students can measure the quantity of a solution of known concentration needed to neutralize an acid or base of unknown concentration, allowing the unknown concentration to be determined. A special "Worksheet" tab on the Gizmo gives students a hand in completing the calculation and allows them to check their work. In addition to titration, the Student Exploration sheet for the Gizmo covers several important topics such as pH calculation, titration curves, acid-base reactions, and the importance of choosing the correct indicator. 

We will be working on several more chemistry Gizmos this year to expand our coverage of this subject. Enjoy the Gizmos and good luck with the start of the year! 

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August 02, 2011

New Lesson Materials - 3 "Pathfinder" Math Gizmos

We're happy to announce that today we have published new Lesson Materials to go with 3 of our "Pathfinder" math Gizmos:

Solving Two-Step Equations

Solving Formulas for any Variable

Exponents and Power Rules

These sorts of Gizmos ask students to solve problems, step-by-step, with feedback for any wrong answers along the way.  They focus on algebraic procedures, but in a thoughtful way.  The new Lesson Materials will help get students started, thinking about what they are doing, and then the Gizmo can take it from there, providing feedback for students.

By the way, we have also updated the Gizmos themselves.  You'll find a deeper bank of problems to allow for more student practice.

Give them a try!

And, as they say, "more to come"!

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