Gizmos enrich the teaching experience too!

Bernadine Cotton, a teacher at Tombaugh Elementary School in New Mexico and an enthusiastic subscriber, tells us how Gizmos have enriched her teaching experience:

“[ExploreLearning] is an excellent hands on program to use with elementary students in science and math…The children engage in independent, partner, group and whole class work with the program.  As much as I use it, I have never had one student complain or moan and groan when I say we are going to ‘do a Gizmo.’  The program is extremely interactive and engaging, tied very closely to standards, and fun for the students.  It has enriched my math and science program immensely, and I have come to depend on it.  We have worked hard at my school to secure grant money to fund the program for the next four years.  We are very excited to have the opportunity to continue to use this excellent program.”

Tombaugh Elementary School has secured Title I funding to renew its subscription, bringing the “Ah-Hah!” moment of Gizmos to teachers and students for another two years!