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November 17, 2009

ExploreLearning seeks new Director of Professional Development

ExploreLearning is searching for an experienced and dynamic leader for its rapidly growing training and professional development program.  

Primary duties:

  • Provide leadership for the successful implementation of ExploreLearning Gizmos in customer districts across North America.
  • Manage a talented and growing team of full-time professional developers and per diem trainers.   Recruit and train new team members, as needed.
  •  Develop and manage the Professional Development Department budget.
  • Design augmentations to the company’s current professional development programming that will increase teacher usage and student success with ExploreLearning products.
  • Work with sales team and major customers to plan successful implementations of ExploreLearning products.
  • Deliver compelling presentations on Gizmos, the research literature regarding simulations, and best practices for implementation.

Required qualifications and skills:

  • Masters degree or higher in math or science education related field.  Ph.D. preferred.
  • Strong working knowledge of best practices in the use of simulations for classroom instruction.
  • Proven ability to lead a professional development program or organization.
  • 7+ years of delivering professional development to math and/or science educators.
  • 5+ years of supervisory experience.
  • Excellent presentation skills.
  • Ability to travel (up to 50%).


This position reports directly to the head of ExploreLearning and is based at the company’s headquarters in historic downtown Charlottesville, Virginia.


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November 06, 2009

ExploreLearning wins another T+L Award of Excellence

ExploreLearning was named a winner in the 27th annual Tech & Learning magazine Awards of Excellence! We are honored to receive this award for the 2nd year in a row. The program honors software, hardware, network, and web products, including innovative applications that break new ground as well as those that added significant enhancements to proven education tools. A panel of more than 30 educators chose the winners. 

Look for details in the December Awards issue of Tech & Learning magazine.

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November 03, 2009

Expert's Corner: Show and Tell with Rocks

Kurt Rosenkrantz is science curriculum writer and Gizmo designer for ExploreLearning. Kurt holds a Master of Science in Geology from the University of Cincinnati, and a bachelor's degree in Earth Science from Harvard. He taught high school and middle school science for eight years before joining ExploreLearning.

A couple years ago my family and I left Charlottesville, VA and moved to North Carolina, where I've continued to work for ExploreLearning from my home office. The work continues to be great, but I have to admit it does get a bit quiet working out of your house. So I was thrilled when I recently got the chance to visit my daughter's elementary school classroom and help out with a science unit on rocks.

In my garage was a large box of rocks and fossils I had accumulated in grad school and in eight years of teaching earth science. There were large chunks of granite from New Hampshire; basalt, obsidian and pumice from volcanoes in western California; and of course lots of fossils-trilobites, brachiopods, horn corals, bryozoans, gastropods, and other specimens collected from the Ordovician rocks of southwestern Ohio. I had packed them up when I left California to join ExploreLearning, and they had been sitting in garages and attics ever since.

A week later I was in the class, sharing my rocks and fossils and talking about the time I got to dig up some dinosaur bones. The great thing about elementary school students, of course, is that they are enthusiastic about everything. I did get some unusual questions, however, like "are they still alive?" and "why aren’t they still moving?"

Visiting the classroom always brings me back to my teaching days, and also reminds me of how much energy a teacher both gives to and receives from their students. Try these Gizmos to energize your classroom:

All of these Gizmos work well when integrated into hands-on activities with rock samples in the classroom. For example, students can practice identifying hand-samples of rocks, and then try their skills with the Rock Classification Gizmo. Alternatively, students can learn how to measure a mineral’s hardness, streak, and density with the Mineral Identification Gizmo. They can then apply what they have learned to real mineral samples. Take a look at the Teacher Guides for these Gizmos for more ideas on hands-on activities that you can use with these Gizmos as well.


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November 02, 2009

Five more enhanced Gizmos

Enhanced curriculum materials (Student Exploration, Key, Teacher Guide, Vocabulary Sheet) have been added to another five Gizmos as a part of our ongoing project. Check them out!

Freezing Point of Salt Water

Human Homeostasis

Rabbit Population by Season

Solubility and Temperature


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