Two new Gizmos – fractions and reactions, oh my!

We published two new math Gizmos today…

Adding Fractions (Fraction Tiles)

Reaction Time (Graphs and Statistics)

Adding Fractions builds on what we already have in the Equivalent Fractions Gizmo.  We’ve created a fraction-tile-making machine (we like to call it the “Fractionator” – we hope it will soon star in Hollywood films and eventually settle into a career in politics).  With the Fractionator, you can create your own fraction tiles with denominators up to 12.  Then you can model sums by placing tiles on the number lines.  Sums greater than 1 will be displayed as a mixed number on one number line and as an improper fraction on the other one.  (Stay tuned for another Gizmo focused on fractions greater than one in the near future!)

In Reaction Time, you can test your reflexes in the classic “catch the ruler” experiment (how far will the ruler drop before you can catch it?) and in a speed-clicking “click the target” experiment.  There are interesting things to be learned about your reflexes, but mathematically the focus is on displaying and interpreting data.  You and your students can explore data tables, dot plots, and bar graphs, and can work on calculating statistics like mean, median, mode, and range.

We hope you enjoy these two latest additions to the Gizmo library!