Gizmos Increase Homework Compliance and Interest in Classwork

A high school science teacher
in Baltimore County, MD, let us know that Gizmos helped him get his Biology students
interested in doing homework assignments, and staying engaged in the classroom.

have been teaching science for 16 years at a large suburban high school with a
diverse clientele.  All of our students
must pass the state High School Assessment in Biology prior to graduating. Over
the years, I have tried, with limited success, a variety of computer
simulations. Last year I tried Gizmos for the first time and was immediately

used the simulations in a class of our most challenged students and was
surprised by the results. The students were engaged during class and repeated the
simulations and tutorials to reinforce the concepts. The first homework assignment I gave them using Gizmos, EVERY
STUDENT completed the assignment as well as the self-quiz at the end of the
simulation. This was the first time last year that I had 100% compliance with
homework completion. The students continued to perform well with Gizmos.
Homework with Gizmos became less of a chore.

diversity and large selection of simulations has allowed me to integrate
computer simulations into each of our Biology units:  Chemistry, Genetics, Evolution, Ecology,

sincerely recommend Gizmos. They work!”

Martin Stranathan, Science Teacher, Dulaney High School,
Baltimore County Public Schools


ExploreLearning has many
great Gizmos for Biology. Here are some of our favorites to try with your

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