Shockwave and Firefox 3

(be sure to notice final update near bottom)

When Firefox 2 was first released in 2006 it had a problem where parts of the Gizmo would ‘vanish’ when you were using them. This problem got resolved with minor updates to Firefox.

Firefox 3 was recently released and this problem has returned (current version is 3.0.1). The issue has been reported to both Mozilla and Adobe. We are hoping that an updated Firefox will solve this issue in the near future.

At this point in time we suggest that you use Internet Explorer on Windows, Safari on Macintosh, or Firefox 2.0.16 on either operating system.

Update (Nov. 12, 2008): Firefox 3.0.3 on OSX is the current release and the problem still exists. If you are using Firefox 3 and a Gizmo becomes white (or regions become white) one workaround is to click anywhere on the Gizmo and then resize the window by dragging on the lower righthand corner of the browser. The white regions of the Gizmo should then “reappear.” We continue to remind Adobe and Mozilla of this issue.

Update (Feb. 5, 2009): Firefox 3.0.6 was released earlier this week. The OSX problem is still around, and unfortunately a similar issue has been showing up on Windows systems with this Firefox update. Adobe has been informed of this issue and we continue to hope it can be fixed. We still suggest using Safari on the Mac, and IE on the PC, but it is not required.

Update (Sept. 14, 2009): Firefox 3.5.3 is the current release, and unfortunately the problem continues. We reported this bug to Mozilla back in 2008 but nothing has been done on it. The solution (which is beginning to appear permanent) is to use Safari on our if you are a Mac user. This problem is no longer occurring on the Windows platform.

Update (May 26, 2010): With the most recent version of Shockwave and Firefox you can now view the Gizmos with no problems on the Mac when choosing Firefox as your main browser. Be sure you have Shockwave version (or higher), and Firefox 3.6 (or higher). Thanks to Adobe and Firefox folks for solving this problem.