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May 28, 2008

Gizmos: “The best computer program I have ever seen to use in math classrooms”

We just received this praise from a 7th grade Math teacher in Greenwich, CT, who helped evaluate Gizmos for her district’s middle schools.

“I just wanted to follow up about the Gizmo program we've been able to try through ExploreLearning.com. It works great as a classroom tool with the Smartboard, which I've finally got up and running…The students are so excited when they get to use Gizmos, which makes them excited about learning.  The correlation to the Connected Math books is amazing. There has been a worthwhile Gizmo for every Investigation since we've had the opportunity to use the program. Using the Exploration Guide for each Gizmo, I have created Activity Packets for the students to complete. These Exploration Guides are very well put together and directly correlate with topics being discussed in class. This is the best computer program I have seen to use in math classrooms. The students get to see real simulations that they read about in the books.  It gives real life problem-solving a whole new meaning to them.  It is so helpful for students who have a hard time with visualization. 

    Since I've started using them with the students, I refer to the Gizmos as I'm teaching.  I have even had a student mention a Gizmo in extra help, …and she was immediately able to relate it to the problem she was working on.  I really feel that it expands critical thinking skills and helps [students] connect and extend their understanding.

    The Assessment Questions provided with each Gizmo are excellent. They are often similar to CMT (Connecticut Math Test) multiple-choice questions, which is great practice for the students.  I love being able to see how the students did and where they need more instruction.  I have only used the assessment questions when I have taken the students to the computer lab, but they can easily be assigned as homework.  I have accessed the site from home and it would not be a problem for students to do so. The results that are provided for the teacher are great instant feedback. I honestly would give anything to be able to use this in my classroom next year.
    I looked over the Gizmos that correlate with the other books I cover in my classes and my mind is already forming plans to incorporate them in my teaching plans…This is the most passionate and excited I have ever been about a new teaching tool.

                                                                                                    --- Emily Carter, Greenwich, CT

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May 15, 2008

Gizmos as part of Classrooms for the Future

The Classrooms for the Future initiative provides funds for schools in Pennsylvania to purchase state-of-the-art resources for teachers to more effectively educate and prepare students to compete in the ever-expanding high-tech global marketplace. Under this initiative, one Pennsylvania high school, in Millcreek Township, is using Gizmos as a great resource for improving student learning in science.

"My AP students found the Bohr Model Gizmos to be really helpful and a very useful tool to visualize the electrons bombarding the nucleus and the energy that is absorbed or emitted.  My Applications of Chemistry students found the Element Builder Gizmo fun and a unique visual with moving parts to see the atoms."                        

                                            Julie DeWoody, High School Science Teacher, Millcreek Township, PA

Julie also participated in a video segment showcasing the success she's had using Gizmos in her AP Chemistry class. Watch this video and see about how Julie has made a difference for her students with Gizmos.

Check out these high school Chemistry Gizmos and many others for yourself: Bohr Model: Introduction, Bohr Model of Hydrogen, Element Builder

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May 05, 2008

Gizmos: Great Preparation for NY Lab Practical tests

A middle school science teacher just told us what a great help Explorelearning Gizmos have been in helping her students master the concept of density and prepare for the New York State Science Lab Practical Exams.

My students took the NYS Lab Practical today and the Slice and Dice Gizmo on density was fabulous prep for one of the stations. The  answers generated by students were right on...thanks to ExploreLearning Gizmos!

Donna Abbruzzese
Guilderland Central School District,  NY

Density Experiment: Slice and Dice is a great way for students to learn the relationships among mass, volume, and density. Try it,  or one of our many other density-related Gizmos, including Density via Comparison and Determining Density via water Displacement, in your science class today.

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May 01, 2008

Announcing Elementary Math Gizmos!

Our Elementary Science Gizmos have been so popular that we are expanding our grade 3-5 coverage to include Math as well. The complete Elementary Math library will be published this fall, but you can get a sneak peak of three Elementary Math Gizmos right now! These Gizmos are especially designed for the needs of elementary students in grades 3-5 and their teachers, and they are really great for students of all ages:

The new Elementary Math Gizmos are: 

Check out these new Gizmos and drop us a line and let us know what you think of them at support@explorelearning.com.

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