Try Gizmos Try Reflex Math

Science concepts in a fraction of the time.

Pam from Nebraska let us know how she is using Gizmos in her classroom. She writes,

I teach earth Science to 8th graders and I use gizmos with each unit. I can teach concepts to kids in a fraction of the time with better results than traditional labs. Since it is truly an interactive website, students get to control it and repeat the activity until they feel they have mastery. This is a wonderful inquiry based website. One component I also use is the assessment piece. There are short quizzes after each activity to check the student understands. I can go in & check on the scores any time. What a time saver and it’s good for my students too!

— Pam Petersen, 8th Grade Science, York Middle School

Thanks Pam. Here’s an interesting fact about Nebraska. Did you know that Nebraska became one of the first states to provide the entire state with educational television in 1963? Wow, from educational television to educational technology, the cornhusker state is on a roll!