New Version of Circuits Gizmo: Surging With New Features!

We’re extremely happy to announce that a new version of the popular
Circuits Gizmo will be released in November. In addition to eliminating
a bug with the previous version’s handling of certain ‘short’ circuits,
we took the opportunity to add some exciting (some might even say ‘electrifying’)
new features:

  1. circuits can have multiple batteries
  2. an ohmmeter to measure resistance — also, you can now directly
    control the precision (# of decimal places displayed) of all the meters
  3. fuses

One key benefit of being able to use multiple batteries on the grid
is that this enables you to have more than one functioning circuit onscreen
at the same time. For example, you can build simple series and parallel
circuits beside each other. This lets you and your students quickly
compare measurements of voltage, current, and resistance between the
two circuits, and also use the ‘current visualization’ feature to compare
the current’s direction and intensity in both circuits.

Of course, as the screenshot shows, we encourage you to use your creativity
to build and explore more complex circuit designs!
Let us know what you think!

screen shot

[Screen shot of the new Circuits Gizmo at 50% scale]