2 Great Days in Dekalb, GA

photo of the training sessionAugust
3 and 4 were two great days in Dekalb
County, Georgia
. ExploreLearning is excited to be working with the Dekalb
school district, particularly the Miller
Grove High Schoo
l Science Department.

During our two-day training session held at the High School the teachers got
a chance to really unpack Gizmos and begin to weave them into their daily lessons.
With the school year about to start, the teachers came away from the training
with some Gizmos and lessons that they will be able to use almost within the
first week of school.

Our first day was a standard ExploreLearning training day where we walked the
teachers through the whole web site and got them familiar with how to log in,
, add
Gizmos to the teacher classes
, and enroll
their students
. At the end of this first day the teachers were told to bring
their curriculum guides, state standards and teachers editions to the next training.

Our second day was spent going over lessons that the teachers knew they were
going to teach and adding the appropriate Gizmos to those lessons. Once that
was done we started looking at how to deliver this instruction. Since the teachers
were familiar with PowerPoint, we looked at linking Gizmos to their presentations,
and using
the screen capture tools that are built into the Gizmos
to make their presentations
more exciting. Once the teachers had created their presentation, we shared their
work and had a great time listening to the ideas, and seeing the unique creativity
that each teacher brought to their subject.