User Support: A Team Effort

Regarding our user support, ExploreLearning customer Michael Franke from the
Day School

"I want to thank you for your incredible tech support. As I mentioned
to Paul, I was in the software business for 17 years prior to getting into
teaching, and I’ve seldom seen better. You can quote me on that."

Thanks, Michael!

From the start, we’ve made customer support a very important part of our business.
To that end, then, we’ve made sure every ExploreLearning team member gets first
hand experience with customer support. For instance, the "Paul" whom
Michael refers to in his praise above is Paul Cholmsky, our Director of Research
and Design.

So while Paul is busy writing grants, designing Gizmos, and researching
the effectiveness of virtual manipulatives
, he also participates in one,
four hour support shift each week. We all do.

If you ever find yourself having to contact user support, don’t be surprised
if the EL team member helping you is the president of the company or one of
the folks who codes the Gizmos or designed the site.