A Telephone, A Computer, A Gizmo

JoAnna Allen, a teacher in our Baltimore County, MD pilot program, emails the following regarding using a Gizmos with a student at a remote location:

Home and Hospital (where students are homebound for various reasons) I use
the telephone and computer sharing simultaneously and happen to be working
with a trig student who is nicely computer literate and can data-connect via

thumbnail of circle gizmoWe are about to do graphing (he’s been hospitalized so we’re way behind)
and I love the Unit
Circle Gizmo
— perfect for tomorrow’s class. I’m able to share software
and applications that I open on my computer and give him control so we are
viewing the same screen constantly. This way we can discuss while it’s happening.
I’m psyched because he can also go into the site after class time. Up to now,
I could share my software applications only while we were connected.

Since I teach science too (physics and chemistry), I’m eager to explore those
too. The difficulty has always been when only a portion of the class can connect
by computer, but with the after-class capability, Wowee!

We’ve always believed that one of the greatest strengths of our Gizmo simulations
is that they can be delivered anwhere, anytime, anyplace via a web connection.
It’s extremely gratifying to hear confirmation of this from a teacher who is
putting the Gizmos to just such a distance learning type test.

Thanks, JoAnna!